CanMar announces Green Flower as Education Partner

 CanMar announces Green Flower as Education Partner

CanMar is proud to be partnering with Green Flower, the global leader in cannabis education and training for the CanMar Global Conference & Expo held on October 23rd to 25th, 2020. It is a three-day event provides a platform for companies to showcase their brand, chat with investors, job seekers and consumers.

The partnership is empowered with a vision of building an education that would change the world’s understanding of cannabis. Max Simon has co-founded Green Flower in 2014. Since then, Green Flower has become the industry leader in cannabis education and training, producing thousands of hours of online courses and high-quality video content covering every facet of cannabis today; bolstering a network of over 700 top cannabis experts; powering the cannabis curriculum of multiple Universities across the US, and successfully training cannabis workforces around the world.

The CanMar Global Conference & Expo brings together the open to business personnel, entrepreneurs, investors, companies and job seekers for three days of education, community building, career development and networking opportunities. The event is set on a virtual stage which also enables you to showcase your cannabis brand to our nurtured audiences who are enthusiastic about the cannabis and psychedelics space. We are a perfect platform to create and attract the buzz around your vision for the cannabis industry.

The event has brought in over 20+ companies who reaped great exposure in terms of human resource requirements, technology partners, educational conversations, and more about the global cannabis industry landscape.

Watch our conversation with KD Khairah, CEO and Founder of the CanMar group, having a conversation about the CanMar Global Conference & Expo 2020.

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