Canmar BlogCanMar is pleased to announce Niagara College at the CanMar Global Conference and Expo October 23rd - 25th

October 20, 2020by admin67910

The three day event will focus on education in the cannabis sector, job roles, career paths, and connecting job seekers directly with companies that are hiring.

Created earlier this year, the Niagara College Cannabis Institute is the first centre of its kind in Canada’s post-secondary system. The institute brings together all of NC’s cannabis initiatives under one main hub: applied research, education, networking and industry engagement.

“Our vision is to be a globally recognized teaching, training and applied research institute that serves the needs of the cannabis industry and contributes to Niagara’s economic growth and beyond,” says NCCI manager Andrea Campbell.

The Commercial Cannabis Production program provides training in the biological and cultural practices of cannabis production including plant nutrition, environment, lighting, climate control, pest control and cultivar selection. Graduates of the program can work at a Licensed Production facility in growing, operations management, production, quality assurance, post-harvest and propagation.

Niagara College’s comprehensive programs give students hands-on experience working in various positions of a growing operation. Grads are prepared for both operational and senior leadership positions in this emerging industry. The program has its own growing facility with 400 plants being tended to by students.

“We’re in a booming new industry but have lacked the formal education programs to produce a trained workforce,” says CanMar Managing Director, Zachary Fish, “NC has developed those programs to provide the industry with the qualified talent needed to grow.”

Niagara College will be sharing information on their program at the upcoming CanMar Global Conference and Expo. Register now to take part!


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