Abi Roach


Abi Roach, has pioneered the Cannabis lifestyle and tourism industry for over 20 years, dedicating her life to the freedom of cannabis consumers and the normalization and now legalization of cannabis

Currently the Senior Product Manager for the OCS, previously was the founder of HotBox established in 2000, included vast innovations in experiential cannabis marketing and retailing (HotBox Lounge, Shop, Jamaica bud and breakfast, tour company, and Brands) and Spliff Magazine (HotBox Marketing and Publication blog)

Long standing advocate politically and in the media, appearing as a regular pundit for CBC and The Agenda. Abi Served as Executive Director NORML Canada for 2 years, lobbied on behalf on Canadians from City Hall to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. She was also a Director for CFBA (Cannabis Friendly Business Association) / OCCRA (Ontario Cannabis Consumer & retail Alliance) where she helped shape the policies which now govern legal cannabis in Ontario. Advisory member to CAMH Cannabis Policy Committee and the Cannabis Tourism Association.