Anav Jain

CEO & Founder of World of Hemp

Anav Jain is the CEO & Founder of World of Hemp, a Company is focused on acquiring and/or joint venturing with companies across all sectors of the industrial hemp industries to build a “soil-to-shelf” portfolio of complementary companies and joint venture partners.

Anav says - There is only one plant on earth that can provide food, clothing, building materials, fuel, and medicine. Hemp could potentially be the most industrially usable biomass produced over the shortest growth cycle, utilizing the least amount of water, nutrients, and pesticides while sequestering the greatest level of carbon. It is one of the few plants on earth that can be grown commercially almost anywhere in the world.

21st Jan


The Buzz - Featuring World of Hemp

Time: 11 am PST

Our premier episode features Anav Jain, where we discuss many topics, including Cannabis in India - History, Legal Status, Cultural use, and Business opportunities.

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