Andrew Gordon

Sage Craft Inc.

Andrew Gordon is the co-founder and Chief Advocacy Officer for Sage Craft Inc., a seed to shelf solution provider for craft cannabis investors and producers. With a degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria, Andrew specializes in strategic planning, government relations, and community partnerships. Prior to founding Sage Craft, Andrew led public affairs for a number of high-profile cannabis retailers across Canada, most recently with Kiaro Brands Inc. As a founding member of Kiaro’s executive team, he served three years as Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Community. He is a current member of Kiaro’s board of Strategic Advisors, and Vice President of Cascadia, a craft cannabis co-op located on the Sunshine Coast.

As a past Director of the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers, and a founding member of the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op, Andrew is an ardent cannabis advocate. During the course of his 5 year career in the industry, Andrew has worked collaboratively with a diverse array of stakeholders and regulators to build accountable, community-responsive and financially sustainable business models. Galvanized by the opportunities legalization presents, Andrew is passionate about working to help reduce social stigma for cannabis consumers, and abate pharmaceutical drug dependence within the communities he serves.