Ashley Athill


Ashley, an experienced cannabis cultivator and proud POC female business owner, is the Co-Founder and CEO of HRVSTR Cannabis, a Health Canada licensed craft cannabis cultivation facility that engages in the creation and cultivation of quality cannabis flower.

Ashley holds degrees in business, commercial cultivation and quality control, and have spent over 10 years in the industry. Her focus has always been on providing top shelf quality cannabis to the market while advocating for a level playing field for women and BIPOC communities.

She is very passionate the cannabis industry with successful track records and extensive experience with consulting on best practices, and cultivation technologies. A few of her many skills include sales and marketing, high level organization, creative problem solving, client relationship, customer retention, networking and a keen sense of humor.

Prior to cannabis legalization in Canada, Ashley built a cannabis cultivation educational platform that provided services as an independent education and cultivation consultant. She shared her expertise with HR Departments, small and medium organizations and various communities.