CanMar Global Conference & Expo

CanMar Global Conference and expo

Its time to celebrate our legalization anniversary! An annual event connecting leaders, influencers, retailers, and advocates together through topical conversations, engaging content, and forecasting the future landscape of cannabis and psychedelics. Here we all come together to learn, connect and grow!

Why Attend – Why Not! It’s the cannabis celebration and party of the year! All the amazing friend, connections, associations you have made throughout the year at CanMar Events – this is where it all comes together as we collectively celebrate the anniversary of legalization in Canada!

Why Sponsor – CanMar Events showcase of the year! Here is your opportunity to let your customers know you care, that it’s your community and your brand understands what makes this community and industry unique. Drive Sales as you reach out to a vast audience, generate media exposure as we splash your brand across all channels making every post count. Most important – differentiate yourself from your competitors!