Dr. Emily Kulpa

Dr. Emily Kulpa is a clinical pharmacist and psychedelic medicine consultant. She offers a variety of services, including: psychedelic medicine consults, drug information consults, mental wellness consults, and antidepressant taper consults.

Dr. Kulpa is a Co-Founder of the nonprofit Psychedelic Pharmacists Association. She worked as the Director of Medical Screening at Synthesis Institute, a legal psilocybin retreat center in the Netherlands and as Head Pharmacist & Research Associate at the UTM Psychedelic Studies Research Program (PSRP) and Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science (TCPS). Through these experiences Dr. Kulpa has gained specialized knowledge in psychedelic compounds, specifically psilocybin.

Prior to joining the psychedelic industry she worked as a clinical pharmacist at a managed care organization. She specialized in medication therapy management, chronic disease management, and led medication adherence programs for Medicare Part D Star ratings.