Eddie Sanmiya

Friendly Stranger

Eddie Sanmiya here and I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out my bio!
Born and raised in Toronto, I am a big city enthusiast through and through. I love the energy and diversity of great cities and have had the honour of watching my hometown become a mecca for the big dreamer in all of us. Whether it is pursuing an education, investing in the booming real estate market or landing an amazing career opportunity, Toronto has proven to be a world class contender in many areas. With the legalization of recreational cannabis, Canadian cities are now on a new adventure as they introduce this exciting industry into their communities

Having recently moved to Burlington I take great pride in this city. I decided to move west due to affordability but also because Burlington offers everything I need and more. The community is strong and the people here are focused on maintaining its integrity. Geographically Burlington is perfectly located for growth. Major highways are easily accessed for a short drive into Toronto, Hamilton or Niagara Falls and we have a beautiful waterfront with a lot of land to expand north. The city of Burlington is winning, and I am so very excited to be a part of it both personally and professionally. I am Burlington's Friendly Stranger, my goal is to responsibly introduce the cannabis culture into B-Town with patience, honesty and respect. As the General Manager of our location at 1025 Plains Road I promise to provide the community with a place they can receive a one of a kind cannabis experience that promotes education and safety first

Coming from 20+ years of leadership in the hospitality industry, my greatest strength is in building positive personal and professional relationships. I believe that integrity, grit and character are the most important qualities in leadership, and I make a conscious effort to bring the best of myself for my people. I strive to provide consistent development through coaching and effective communication. My success is only as great as the success of my people, a fact that I focus on every day

I am humbled to be surrounded by the most incredible leaders from various industries here at The Friendly Stranger. Our company shares my values, is focused on having a positive impact on society and believes in the unique characteristics of this remarkable plant. Together, we are all very excited to join your community as educational and responsible retailers in the cannabis industry. We are your one stop shop for anything cannabis but more importantly we are committed to providing an atmosphere that brings people together in peace and happiness...less strangers more friends!