Elias Theodorou

MMA Fighter, Medical Cannabis Advocate

Top-ranked middleweight fighter Elias “the Spartan” Theodorou amassed an impressive eight-win and three-loss record during his fiveyear stint in the UFC, while never being finished in a fight. Elias kicked off his run with the company by becoming the first-ever Canadian winner of their famed reality show/tournament, The Ultimate Fighter. Other firsts in Elias’s career include making history as the inaugural male ring cardholder, or RING BOY™, now actively utilized by four different MMA organizations, and counting. The most prominent of which is all-female promotion InvictaFC. Elias also returned to the cage at the end of 2019, for Canada’s PFC promotion, viciously defeating his opponent via TKO. More than just a professional fighter, Elias employs his advertising degree and corporate experience to develop, create and produce comprehensive campaigns for the brands, companies and products he partners with, in an entertaining, engaging and organic manner. Always forward-thinking, when Elias is not busy training or competing, he’s currently working on two upcoming films, as well as various TV projects; he will not only be the lead character, or host, in these endeavours, but an executive producer as well. Additionally, Elias continues to use his ever-growing platform in athletics to expand his reach beyond MMA. Elias is not just a professional athlete, but also an actor, stuntman and brand ambassador, as well as the owner of his unique brands and trademarks: the Mane Event™, Ring Boy™ and, naturally, Weedbae™.