Maya Glogowski

Women Can Cann

Maya Glogowski is a multi-lingual, seasoned entrepreneur with international experience in developing strategic partnerships, helping businesses create synergies, achieving growth and entering new markets.

Having an extensive knowledge, overview and understanding of the Israeli and European Medical Cannabis Industry, I assist companies wishing to enter these markets develop the right strategies, find partners and business opportunities.

While modern technology opens crossing-national opportunities for all businesses, multicultural understanding, ability to make personal connections and individual presentation become key components of success - I help individuals and businesses in perfecting these abilities.

In addition to working with growing companies on improving understanding and ability to establish business opportunities and international connections, I guide early-stage startups, paving the way towards gaining funding, recognition, and business partnerships; acquiring presentation skills, understanding investor mind-set and how to deliver the right message based on the counterpart and other insights and navigation needed to pave the way towards gaining funding, recognition, and business partnerships.