Michele Parrotta

My name is Michele Parrotta, but as you may have guessed, my friends call me Mimi. I have been a cannabis consumer and advocate for the past 42 years of my life.

I am 57 years old and have worked in the Cannabis industry for the last 5 years as a Director and an Educator. To be a huge part of the legalization in Canada has been an experience I cannot even put into words.

The Industry is filled with people from all walks of life from both the legal side of things as well as the craft and legacy market, with so many ideas, the opportunities are quite endless. Retail stores are popping up everywhere with lots of selection!

Older generations of people are finally understanding the other consumption methods and realizing that they don’t have to light up anymore to reap the benefits of this amazing plant! But the best part has been teaching the more mature people about Cannabis and how it helps in our everyday lives. Please reach out to me if you are having difficulties navigating all of this as I would love to help!

14th June


The Buzz - Episode #2 with Mimi Cannabis

Time - 11am PST
Watch our Conversation with Michele Parrotta and get to know the top brands in the industry, what makes them stand apart, how they help the community and industry. Hear us talk about Cannabis Businesses, and how they make our everyday lives better and more fulfilling.

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