Necole Hines

Co-Founder, Louder together

Nicole Hines is a Cannabis Chef, Advocate, Educator & Cannatherapy Consultant who recently launched Faded Living; a lifestyle brand normalizing adult cannabis use through infused dinner parties, cookbooks, clothing line, podcast & shopping experiences. She is also the co-founder of Louder Together Cannabis Advocacy Society; a nonprofit organization that elevates and amplifies BIPOC in the cannabis space. My passion for social justice and the Cannabis plant have allowed me to create a 420 lifestyle, bringing balance, wellness, enlightenment and change.

11th March


CanMar Morning Talk Show

Time- 11 am PST
Join the conversation with Nicole Hines, our cannabis chef, educator, and advocate. Hear her talk about her passion for social justice, delicious food, and how the cannabis plant allowed her to create a lifestyle that brings balance, wellness, enlightenment, and change to our lives.
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