Rash Rasoda



Life has taken wild turns in the last three years.

I gave up a corporate position, with a six figure salary, wicked parking spot and all the perks in the world to start new.

I was seeing life for the first time in over 30 years. The trees were in high definition, the night sky had a presence and people, people seemed so familiar all of a sudden.

A major shift, transformation, had taken place and I was going for a ride!

After struggling with a deep fear of public-speaking, I threw myself into the world of acting and stand-up comedy. I walked into the belly of the beast with a smile.

From a 10 year long career in Humans Resources, I gave my Self permission to have some fun and test out the waters.

When I'm not hosting podcast shows, "OneConnect" and "Dude, Where's My Mind?" you can catch me with my best friends (Mila 4 years old and Sascha 1 years old.)

Life, on the daily, is full of meaning and purpose now. By believing in myself and learning from moments when I feel repelled by people or tasks, I now take time to look deeper and ask, "what is this here to teach me?"

This tool to check-in or introspect has been first experienced while dabbling with Cannabis and Psychedelics. I am forever grateful to this dabbling.

Take a ride with me on this amazing journey of Life .