Women in Cannabis & Psychedelics

 Women in Cannabis & Psychedelics

Women in Cannabis and Psychedelics is a virtual platform designed to foster innovation and drive long-term sustainability and impact. We believe our focus is on building a better future for our global communities. We offer an virtual space to brands to showcase their products and services that solve the challenges of our time. Take part in our upcoming events. Uniting and celebrating the accomplishments of women in cannabis & psychedelics. Setting the stage for the future of the industry through the empowerment and tenacity of these amazing women

Why should I attend the Event?

Our vision: To provide an important venue for the future of Women in cannabis and psychedelics. This space will be the place for collaboration and sharing. Let’s meet in our space and let’s get started! Click here to Partner with us.

Women in cannabis is and event in support of the Feminine in the alternate medicine industry! The nurturing and leading side of the plant and its women trendsetters as they create a new path of compassion, vulnerability yet strength and authenticity.

Become a Sponsor

Let your brand stand for Diversity & Inclusion! Gain brand visibility and reach out to the community as Corporate/ Community Citizen. In this event, we help grow women owned cannabis businesses by building raving fans for your organization. Women in cannabis and psychedelics unique arena to showcase, market and build you precense in our vast cannabis community – a place of oneness!

The conference (#CanMarWCP) will feature innovation and growth, along with information on the latest trends, exciting exhibitions, and innovative events. The event is hosted with a focus on making the conference better and more user-friendly. It will offer opportunities to those who are interested in technology to build their future. The conference will focus on a variety of topics, from the current trends and trends, to the future trends of the business world.